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Monday, October 31, 2011

Kingston Wi-Drive Wireless Flash Storage

Having a portable flash drive around can be quite convenient for those that need to bring lots of storage space wherever they go. But the fact that most of these storage devices still need to be connected via wires to a Pc or any other device can also be an inconvenience in itself. Flash storage maker Kingston has provided a wireless alternative with its new Kingston Wi-Drive Wireless Flash Storage.
People can now access their external flash drive wirelessly if they use the Kingston Wi-Drive. This flash drive allows especially iDevice users to share content stored on the drive wirelessly via the 802.11 g/n wireless protocol. iPhone, iPad and iPod users can connect their devices to the Wi-Drive using the WiFi feature on their device. The Wi-Drive can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously, making it easy for people to share their content using just a single wireless flash drive. Content can also be uploaded to the flash drive from a laptop or PC using a Mini-USB to USB cable. Files can also be transferred wirelessly using the Wi-Drive app. The Kingston Wi-Drive is available in16GB and 32GB capacities and costs US$120 and US$150, respectively.
Image Source: Kingston

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