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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ufc 3 Undisputed Strategy Guide - Pays 75% Of Every Sale!

Welcome to Undisputed3Dominator.com

There is no doubt about it!

UFC 3 Undisputed is an AWESOME game and if you have been playing for ANY amount of time there is not much that comes close to the feeling of that one strike knockout or forcing your opponent to submit!

Whether you are a Striker, Ground & Pound or Submission master there is something for everyone!

So What’s The Problem?

Simple! The learning curve!

The game is AMAZING!

But let me ask you a question?

How are you doing online in the game?

If you are striking, submitting and knocking out everyone you are coming up against then you WON’T need this guide!


If you are SICK of getting tapped out, knocked out and just can’t SEEM to get to grips with the game then we can help…

If you are SICK of people laughing at you online and shouting down the mic as they give you a whopping then we can help…

If you want to unlock and see everything the game has to offer in both Career UFC and Pride modes then we can help…

If you want to start making a MAJOR comeback online then let us be your own personal online trainer…

EVERYONE Loves An Underdog Story – Let’s Start Yours Today…

What Is UFC Undisputed 3 Dominator?
Quite simply it is the ULTIMATE guide to UFC Undisputed 3!

We give you a comprehensive guide that you can follow to START WINNING!

Let us guide you through ALL the changes in the game, game modes and fighters to find your ULTIMATE fighting/play style and then we tell you how to win!

Whether you want to win on your foot or ground and pound it’s all here!

UFC 3 Undisputed Dominator will cover:

All Game Modes Covered…

Career Mode

Get to grips with the career mode fast to make sure that your newly created fighter doesn’t end up with a losing streak from the very outset!

We show you how to FIND your fighting style and then FOCUS on the skills and gameplan you need to dominate!
Title Mode

Get to the top of the ranking ladder in the title mode. With a complete roster featuring every fighter in the game and pros and cons of each you will whizz through this mode in no time!

Title Defense Mode

So you’re the champ? Let us show you how to keep that belt and rack up HUGE Title Defense records!

Tournament Mode

Strategies and tricks to make sure you win tournaments both online and off. Let us show you how it is done!

Pride Fighting

This is DIFFERENT from UFC and the playstyle can change up a fight! Don’t get caught off guard! Let us show you how to use the new moves of PRIDE to your advantage so you can rule the ring as well as the Octagon.

Online Mode

Now THIS is where it really counts! Prepare to win online as we give you the tactics that you need to dominate online play. Let us show you the most common (and uncommon) fighting styles, tactics and strategies that you will encounter online and how to counter them and win EVERY time!

Start With The Basics

We guide you through form the basics such as footwork and striking to more advanced techniques such as grappling, clinch defence and ground defence.

Then we move onto the elite level where you will learn Octagon control and deadly submission tactics to have your opponent tapping out everytime!

Find YOUR Style

There are many different fighting styles in UFC and PRIDE and you can even have a combination of styles as your choice.

However getting to KNOW your style and use it to its advantages is KEY to making sure you dominate in the ring or Octagon!

We have taken EVERY fighter in the game and mapped out their style with pros and cons of each as well as strategies to beat each fighter and EXACTLY how to do it!

You can use this simple reference tool within the guide both offline and on Xbox Live!

Train Hard…Fight Easy

The next key is making sure that your fighter is trained – but of course you need to train in a certain manner depending on your gameplan and playstyle!

Let us show you how to build a balanced fighter with ANY playstyle and make you unstoppable!

Learn exactly which training routines to take and which ones to leave out to match your style!

Dominate Online…

Whether you are brand new online or a wannabe pro UFC 3 Dominator will give you the tactics you need to race up the rankings and get a HUGE amount of Fighter points!

We give you the TOP playstyles online for each fighter and EXACTLY how you can counter them everytime!

It is ALL about being versatile!

Whether you are a stand up striking fighter or a ground and pound we can help you get proficient at ALL playstyles to make you unstoppable online!

We also give you a complete run through of Fight Camps online and WHY you MUST join one if you want to be the best!

Getting Out Of Trouble!

When it DOES go wrong the fight is not over!

Let us show you how to counter styles such as Rapid Fire Striking, Lay & Pray, Cage Clinch, Continuous Submission & more…

We have sorted out the players online into groups, which fighter they pick and the tactics that they are most like to adopt.

It is ALL about the gameplan you pick and with this intel you will be able to not only HANDPICK fights that you KNOW you can win – you will also be able to COUNTER any playstyle as well.

As well as that when you DO get into trouble (it happens) we show you how to reverse counter, submit and win a match with ease so your opponent will not know what has hit them!

P.S When you win coming back from the brink it feels AWESOME too!