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Monday, October 31, 2011

Humanix Electric Car Covered with Airbags

Japan-based company Humanix introduces a small electric car that no one would argue when they say it is the “safest electric vehicle in the world.” The “iSAVE-SC1″ is padded with inflated airbags from front to rear.
The electric car, which runs on three wheels, is large enough for three people. Its body is surrounded with tent cloth, which releases air upon collision to soften the impact.
The iSAVE-AC1 can run up to 50 kilometers per hour and can be charged using household 100V power plugs.
A project developed in cooperation with Hiroshima University, the iSAVE-SC1 will be available for retail in Japan come November for US$10,400, with a planned “mass production” beginning sometime next year. Humanix also set up office in San Francisco last April, which brings hope to Americans who are interested in purchasing this very safe electric car.
Source: TechCrunch

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