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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Manaview's World Of Warcraft Addon Suite

Level To 85 In 5 Days Played
Make 30,000G Daily
Dominate Charts In Hard-Mode Raiding
Crush Opponents in High-Ranked PVP
...All For One Low Price

For over six years here at Manaview we’ve been helping players:
  • Tear through quests to reach level cap 12x faster
  • Make 30,000g daily on autopilot
  • Bust up charts and dominate end game raiding and high-bracket arenas
  • Increase DPS, healing output, and survivability in raids and PVP
Our products have grown right along with World of Warcraft, providing benefit to everyone from complete newbies to skilled veterans.
A Fully-Equipped Powerhouse You Level In 4 Days Played That Can Top Charts, Rack Up HKs, And Earn You 30k Each And Every Day
If you take action today, then in just a few short weeks you could have:
  • A brand new character level capped.
  • 30,000, 50,000, 100,000 or more gold banked.
  • Pro knowledge of your class: Every spec, every role.
  • The confidence to play with keybinds instead of clicking.
And You’ll Get Everything You Need – Tycoon, Impulse, Edge, And Booster – For 25% Off The List Price
This is an EXCLUSIVE offer for all of our quality products at just one low price. You’ll get instant access to everything you’ll need to dominate the game, and you’ll pay 25% less, saving $41 off the original price of our addons. We’ve sold hundreds of copies of these products on their release day alone. And now we want to offer you this special deal:
Try All Of Our Products With A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Tycoon Addon Interface

  • Gathering Module Draws You A Map To The Most Profitable Herbalism, Mining, & Skinning Routes.
  • Farming Module Pinpoints Farming Hotspots So You Never Miss A Farming Opportunity.
  • Crafting Module Shows Highest-Selling Items For Your Professions And The Exact Cost Of Making Them So You Can Maximize Your Profits.
  • Auction House Module Tells You What Markets Are Hot Right Now So You Can Get In And Make Tons Of Gold.

  • Learn To Keybind The Right Way With Intuitive Binds Designed To Help You React Quicker And Top Charts.
  • 36 Keybinds For Every Role Including Tanks, Healers, And All Specs of DPS Allow You To Quickly Access All Your Abilities.
  • Hand Placement Support Lets You Decide Where To Place Your Hand So You Can Reach The Keys You Need Quickly And Comfortably.
  • Get The Best Macros For Every Class, Spec, & Role To Automate Commonly-Used Abilities And Shave Valuable Seconds Off Your Reaction Time.
  • One-Button Install Lets You Bind All Your Abilities To Our Expert Suggestions, Or Manually Install Only The Binds You Want To Use So You Can Learn At Your Own Pace.
  • One-Button Uninstall Allows You To Reset Your Binds And Your Interface Without The Hassle Whenever You Choose.
  • Customize Your Interface Using Bartender, Dominoes, Or Even The Razer Naga Addon – They All Work With Impulse To Help You Learn Your Binds As Quickly As Possible.

  • Get The Absolute Best Talent Builds For Every Spec & Every Class So You Can Maximize Your Potential While Playing The Game The Way You Want.
  • Auto-Spec The Best Talents To Boost Your Performance As a Tank, Healer, Or DPS In High-End Raiding.
  • Discover The Secrets Of The Pros And Get Your Gladiator Title With PVP Builds Recommended By Top Arena Players.
  • Level Through Quests Or Dungeons With Builds Specifically Designed To Increase Exp Gain And Save You Time.
  • Solo Dungeon & Raid Bosses For Awesome Mounts, Gear, & Achievements Using The Best Spec And Build For Every Class.
  • Boost Your Performance An Addition 20% With The Absolute Best Glyphs For Every Spec And Every Purpose.
  • Learn A New Spec Or Master Your Current One With The Strategy Panel, Guaranteed To Help You Tank, Heal, Or DPS 10x Better.

Booster Addon Interface

  • Step-By-Step InGame Leveling Guide Takes You Through Only The Quests That Give The Most Experience From 1-85.
  • Detailed Tips To Complete Every Step So You’re Never Stuck On What To Do Next.
  • Comments From Wowhead Show User Experience With Each Quest So You Don’t Hit Any Snags.
  • Talent & Glyph Helper Recommends The Best Leveling Specs To Guarantee The Fastest Leveling For Every Class.
  • TomTom Arrow, Map Dots & Ant Trails Take You Directly From Objective To Objective So You’ll Never Get Lost.


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