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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dealing with iPhone 4S’ Short Battery Life

Just 17 days after the iPhone 4S is released and users have been complaining about the smartphone’s really short battery life. Although Apple claims that the iPhone 4S runs for up to eight hours of talk time and up to six hours of 3G Internet usage, that is not the case in real life. These complaints even include iPod Touch and pre-4S iPhones that have been updated with iOS5.
It has been observed that there are possible bugs in the iOS5 that may be causing it to suck the life out of your Apple devices, such as the calendar and time zone bugs. The calendar bug involves turning your calendar app on in the Notifications Center, which causes your events to “re-order themselves near-constantly.” Users can remedy this, for now, by disabling the calendar app within the Notifications Center.
Meanwhile, the time zone bug has to do with the phone’s location services, which also consumes a lot of battery energy. Users speculate that it has to do with the constant pings to servers to update location and time zone settings. Again, it can be solved by disabling it. Go to Settings > Location Services > System Services > Setting Time Zone and toggle off the location services. However, since location services is necessary for some apps, you can selectively turn it on by going to Settings > Location Services and browse through apps that need to use your phone’s location.
Tech experts even recommend disabling a barrage of other functionalities of your iPhone 4S if you want to increase its battery life. Go into Systems Services and disable anything you deem unworthy, such as Diagnostics & Usage and certain email settings. You can also turn off WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as turn down screen brightness and even switching it to Airplane Mode to spare some more green bars.
If Apple does not take immediate action to remedy these complaints, they may get themselves into anotherAntennagate.
Source: TechCrunch

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