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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

With almost everything now having their digitized counterpart available through the various devices now available, it seems that the hardest part to digitize would be freestyle hand sketches and writing. Apart from scanning or capturing an image of a finished sketch or a handwritten note, it seems quite rare to have a device that actually digitizes a sketch or a note while being made. Therefore, it might be quite fun to watch this new and unique aPen A4 Wireless Digital Pen at work.
The aPen A4 Digital Pen allows for users to digitize handwriting or sketching on paper in real time. This unique digital pen comes with a wireless receiver that digitizes whatever the pen writes on paper in real time. All one needs to do is to clip the receiver on the paper and it wirelessly records and saves what the digital pen writes and sketches on the paper.
In order to view in real time, the receiver can be connected via an accompanying cable to a PC, laptop or even a compatible smartphone to see those lines and letters appear on the screen as they are being written. On its own the receiver can store for up to 100 pages of sketches or writing that can later be transferred to a computer. The aPen A4 can also be used to write on JPEG images as well as for writing entries on MS applications. The aPen A4 Wireless Digital Pen is both compatible for Windows as well as iOS devices and is available at aPen USA for US$130.
Image Source: aPen USA

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