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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Megaupload Premium Link Generator

Your download is in the queue… - Sounds familiar?
Well! That’s a story of the past now especially with the MegaUpload premium link generator.  What more now you can download 200mb using just the MU link or file ID. Isn’t that neat?
The icing on the cake is that you also have the option of using the unlimited service, which means no restrictions on file size. Faster access – faster downloads!
Here are top 10 sites for MegaUpload premium link generator.

Site#1: Rapid 8

Free or Paid: Basic login (200mb download) is free | Premium Login for unlimited download: $5.99
Rapid 8

Website URL: http://www.rapid8.com/ 

Site#2: Hluesoe

Free or Paid: 100% free download.
Website URL: http://www.hlusoe.info/ 

Site#3: ATayALay

Free or Paid: Free with restrictions. Maximum download of 3x150mb and a limit of 12 downloads.
Website URL: http://www.atayalay.info/?ref=hlusoe.info 

Site#4: Plgdown

Free or Paid: Free. Registration and completion of survey must to get free account.
Website URL: http://plgdown.com/mu 

Site#5: Leech King

Free or Paid: Demo version is free with file size limit of 100mb. Premium version is priced at $6.99 per month with unlimited file size.
Website URL: http://www.leechking.com/vip/register.php?id=new

Site#6: Tiger Leech

Free or Paid: Trial version is free with file size limit. Premium version is priced at $10 per month with maximum file size of 2GB.
Tiger Leech
Website URL: http://tigerleech.com/ 

Site#7: Mega Upload

Free or Paid: Trial version is free with a maximum file size of 150MB and 1 download per day.
Website URL: http://www.megauploadlinkgenerator.com/ 

Site#8: Zevera

Free or Paid: Trial version is free with restricted file size. Premium version with unlimited file size and costs $14 per month.
Website URL: http://www.zevera.com/USDefault2.aspx 

Site#9: Mega Leech

Free or Paid: Free download.
Website URL: http://www.megaleech.us/  

Site#10: Kikisso

Free or Paid: Free download of unlimited file size. Offer two MegaUpload premium link generator options: Megapid and Megafast.
Website URL: http://www.kikisso.com/en/file-sharing/premium-link-generator/megaupload/
Go ahead and start downloading your favorite movies, presentations, much more at the click of the mouse!

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