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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Use PayPal on Amazon

What both PayPal and Amazon offer?

As everyone is aware, PayPal is one of the world’s most preferred online payment solutions. It is used by over a million users on any given day. Its ability to seamlessly facilitate easy online money transactions and buying and selling on the e-commerce platform is the major factor behind its immense popularity. Amazon is regarded as the biggest virtual shopping mall on the entire cyberspace. You can buy almost anything from it ranging from pen and paper to books and computers.
PayPal on Amazon

Now you might have understood clearly that a payment platform like PayPal is undoubtedly the backbone of an online selling platform like Amazon. However to the utter despair of online shoppers worldwide, these two do not get along well.

Why PayPal and Amazon are incompatible?

The reason behind this incompatibility is unknown but there are many who are of the opinion that Amazon does not facilitate buying through PayPal largely because the latter is now a wholly owned subsidiary of one of Amazon’s biggest competitor’s e-Bay. Amazon does not provide an instant single button PayPal payment option that would have made it possible for customers to easily buy goods from Amazon using their normal PayPal account.

You can still do it though

However users do not have to be totally in despair as there are solutions to this problem. Well obviously we know that in today’s competitive e-Business world technology rules the roost and every problem will be rendered harmless very soon after it is detected. Same is the case with the Amazon – PayPal standoff. If you are a user who has a PayPal account you can still buy goods from Amazon.com using a simple trick. Well actually we need not refer to it as a trick as it is acknowledged by both the companies.

Here is how to Use PayPal on Amazon step by step:

  1. Using your PayPal account you can request for a PayPal Debit card. This Debit card will offer the same functionality as your normal Bank Debit card.PayPal cards
  2.  Once the card is delivered to you by mail follow the instructions on the cover and activate your card instantly by calling on the telephone number listed on the documentations.
  3. When you have added an item in Amazon to your shopping cart and you are presented the payment window, fill it with the card details just as you would for a normal Bank Card transaction and on proceeding the product is yours.

Final Verdict

So there you have it, a simple means to buy a product off Amazon using your PayPal account. An event considered impossible by many can be easily accomplished by 3 easy steps. So go ahead and enjoy your shopping.

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