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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Download Facebook Videos

Facebook started supporting video sharing and posting in 2007. Millions of Facebook users and music bands have taken well to sharing videos on their profiles.Facebook now supports high definition playback and longer videos. There are two types of Facebook videos, the ones posted by other users or friends, videos embedded into messages and wall posts.
There is no native support to download the videos on Facebook on to your computer, nevertheless you can download them with a few tricks and tweaks that are browser specific. Many third party extensions, scripts and software allow you to download and watch the videos posted on Facebook. Let us look into some of the ways to download Facebook videos.

Downloading Facebook Videos Using Browser Tweaks

Mozilla Firefox

You can use a Mozilla Firefox add-on to download a Facebook video. Follow these step by step instructions to download the file to your computer:
  1. Go to the Video DownloadHelper Firefox add-on page
  2. Click on Download Now
  3. Install the add-on for Firefox
  4. Restart your browser
  5. Go to the Facebook video you would like to download and click on the red arrow as shown in the picture below
  6. You have successfully downloaded the video to your computer

Google Chrome

The videos that you play on Facebook are saved in Google Chrome’s cache. You can access the cache and download the video on to your computer. Follow these step by step instructions to download the video:
  1. Go to ChromeCacheView download page
  2. Download and install the latest version of that software
  3. Open the ChromeCacheView software once you have viewed a video on Facebook
  4. Save the selected videos on to your computer as shown in the picture above
  5. You have successfully downloaded the video to your computer
The other methods to download a Facebook video using user scripts and redirection to other third party websites are risky. The above mentioned methods are browser tweaks to download the videos.

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