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Friday, September 16, 2011

Vintage NASA-Owned Cameras Up For Auction

You may not know Arthur Keir, but if you love retro technology, you better be. His estate has put up his precious collection of NASA-owned cameras for auction, like the Nikon F Photomic T (1965) you see on the picture.

Keir has a collection of NASA paraphenalia that spans for decades and it is sad that he would have to sell them off because of seems like a liquidation. But hey, at least he would make another maniacal collector happy. Other cameras that are being auctioned include Nikon F’s successor the Nikon F2 (1978) and a bulky Canon L2 video camera that joined the Space Shuttle Columbia on an out-of-Earth mission in 1998.

Not into photography? The auction also offers NASA-related stuff ranging from a glove bladder to thermal slippers, both of which were meant for extra-vehicular activity. Note that the prices of these cameras are on the steep side. The lowest-priced camera is currently at $300 as of this posting. You can check out the rest of the collection being auctioned here.

Source: TechCrunch

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