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Monday, September 19, 2011

Shogun Bros. Updates Chameleon X-1 Gaming Mouse

Shogun Bros. unveils an updated version of its Chameleon X-1 gaming mouse. This gamepad-mouse hybrid now comes with an enhanced rubberized coating for better grip, a new layout for remote control operation, and an extended battery life.

Other than that, the new Chameleon X-1 comes with what it had when the gadget was launched last year: A five-stage adjustable 1,600dpi optical sensor, 16 buttons, and force feedback support. This device can switch into three different modes–wireless gaming mouse, wireless game pad, and wireless remote control–with a single press of a button. What is even more impressive that it only needs a single AA battery to operate.

Shogun Bros. will be releasing this gaming mouse on October 1, but pre-orders are now accepted on Amazon for $60. It comes in three colors (Essential Purple, Graphite Grey, and Passion Red) and works with a variety of OS that dates as far back as Windows 95.
Source: Amazon, via Engadget

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