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Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook Introduces New Profile “Timeline”

And you thought the barrage of Facebook’s new features would stop for now, but no. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled during the f8 conference in San Francisco the next stage of the popular social networking service, starting with an updated format on the user profile he calls “Timeline.”

Zuckerberg notes that the old Facebook profile is like the user’s most recent five minutes, while the updated profile from 2008 extends to the last 15 minutes. The Timeline, according the Zuckerberg, is “the rest.” Facebook describes Timeline as the story of the user’s life.

The new profile… er, Timeline… looks more visual, with early reviews saying that it looks like “a really nice Tumblr blog.” It consists of three main parts: A section where all the user’s stories are placed, another section for all the user’s apps, and a new way to express the user’s status. Timeline can retrieve personal data from as far back as the user’s beginnings in Facebook, which can be pretty embarrassing for some. You know, like how you don’t like your high school year book photo be brought back again.

The Facebook Timeline also works on mobile phones, which Zuckerberg briefly showed on an iPhone screen during the presentation. It features the same idea, but only in a more condensed execution.

This update is expected to gradually roll out on Facebook over the next couple of months.

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