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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Download Family Farm v1.3.1 Free

Family Farm v1.3.1 Free

Family Farm v1.3.1-FAN

    * Family Farm is an innovative tycoon game in the setting of 19th century farmsteads.
    * The player controls characters with RPG-like attributes, skills and needs.
    * A realistic approach to farming.
    * Workers have to prepare ground, seed and harvest crops, care for livestock, cook meals, etc.
The game world is tile-based, so you can easily plan fields, corrals, orchards and other game objects. It can be expensive to hire help, but it can give you time to upgrade the house to provide space for a growing family… As the family grows you can expand your farm and focus on long-term investments such as livestock or orchard. The updated version of recently released game Family Farm by the the scene group FAN. PROPHET version was 284MB and installation process was in polish as well. Work the farm in this game of 19th century farmsteading and build a home for your families. Clicking cows won’t earn you any cash. This is a simulation of a farmstead experienced in stories which span a generation. Keep them fed, develop their skills, and grow their land in to a Family Farm! Enjoy RPG and board game mechanics designed by the creator of dozens of board games. The game presents a bird’s-eye view of the farm, with the ability to zoom in and out.

Family Farm v1.3.1 Free

Release Name: Family Farm v1.3.1-FAN
Size: 66.64 MB

Install Notes
Start the .exe after unpacking!

Download Family Farm v1.3.1

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