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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Download Direct Hit Missile War-Unleashed Free License


Direct Hit Missile War-Unleashed
The success of a player depends not only on the successful military operations, but also on proper economic development.  Unleashed bring us RTS game Direct Hit Missile War”.Direct Hit Missile War belongs to genre of real-time strategy (RTS) in isometric projection. The game is targeted at a broad audience, without any violence, suggestive themes, crude humor or blood, the minimum age for a player – 10 years.  Game uses fresh solution in RTS genre – separated player’s map, and lack of classic units, their role is played by a pseudo units. A randomly generated landscape provides a unique map every time when player start new level, which gives the opportunity to play the game forever. Game would be attractive for people who interested in new features in the RTS genre, that are not remake classic RTS games.

Over 30 types of missile part
Classic RTS
Unique strategy gameplay system
7 stages (14 missions)
5 tech levels


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